Press Release

Official Launch of PuraSurf: Biosurfactants for Cleaning and Personal Care

Anthony Gentile August 5, 2021

Earlier this year, Dispersa officially launched its PuraSurf™️ line of biosurfactants for use in cleaning and personal care. These ingredients serve as a clean, natural alternative to petroleum-derived and palm oil-derived synthetic surfactants, being sustainably produced using our proprietary BioEterna™️ fermentation technology.

The first line of PuraSurf ingredients belong to the glycolipid family of microbially-derived biosurfactants known as sophorolipids. Used in numerous personal and household applications (dishwashing detergent, creams etc.), sophorolipids exhibit unique properties essential for personal care use as well as the cleaning of oily dirt particles due to its wetting ability, very low-toxicity, and skin moisturizing compatibility. Sophorolipids can be used as emulsifiers, foaming agents and detergents allowing for it to be a multifunctional biosurfactant.

Dispersa enters the biosurfactant market with its cost-efficient sophorolipids, enabling the adoption of high-quality, sulfate-free, palm-free, and biodegradable ingredients while remaining economical. The current PuraSurf product line consists of two ingredients: PuraSurf-LF and PuraSurf-HF. PuraSurf-LF is a low-foaming surfactant, which can be used in formulations for personal care and surface cleaners. PuraSurf-HF is a high-foaming surfactant, ideal for formulations that require high foaming stability, such as detergents for laundry and dishes.

Dispersa is creating high-performance cost-effective green chemicals that can clean the environment while saving the environment, as part of our vision to reduce our reliance on chemicals derived from non-sustainable sources.

If you’re interested in learning more about our PuraSurf ingredients, and/or integrating our ingredients in your products, contact us by email at