We use microbes to produce a variety of naturally derived surfactants known as biosurfactants with our BioEterna© technology.
It's easy being green.

And our technology can help. Sustainability is more important than ever. We are contributing to a sustainable future by offering completely natural alternatives to petroleum-based and synthetic surfactants currently used.

Our Product

Extraction of biosurfactants
Bulk biosurfactants
What are biosurfactants? Advanced soap.

Biosurfactants are biologically-based surfactants that disperse oil particles. The molecules envelope oil particles - hydrocarbons - in a structure called micelles, breaking down and separating them for ease of removal.

Dispersa Advantages

100% Biodegradable Our products are completely biodegradable and eco-friendly
Naturally derived Say goodbye to synthetic petroleum-based chemicals; our products offer higher value and are 100% sourced naturally from our non-toxic organisms
Versatile Choose from our bioproducts platform to identify the optimal solution for your needs
Economical High-value and cost-effective, we prioritize performance and creating economical value for you


Remediation is at the heart of why Dispersa was created. We wish to provide our 100% sustainable solution to help you remediate any contaminated sites - from soil to marine - while protecting the environment. By leveraging our cost-effective green technology, you will also be eligible for tax incentive programs, depending on your region, which further increases your savings. While our main focus is on hydrocarbon remediation, we offer customized services to help you with other pollutants of interest to you. We are here to work with you, reach out to us to get started!
At Dispersa, we offer a range of natural and economical biosurfactants that can replace the existing synthetic/petroleum-based surfactants in your products. Our biosurfactants can be integrated in your product line to deliver a 100% green value.
Biosurfactants are known for their pleasant skin softening feeling which comes with their naturally sourced origins. You can replace or introduce our eco-friendly ingredients into your cosmetics product line, from shampoos, to moisturizers, micellar water, and more. We can help you achieve a 100%-natural seal on your products with our bio-ingredients.


What are biosurfactants and how do they work?

Biosurfactants are naturally-derived surfactants that disperse oil particles. The molecules envelope oil particles - hydrocarbons - in a structure called micelles, breaking down and separating them for ease of removal.

What is the difference between surfactants and biosurfactants?

The main difference is in how they are produced - surfactants are typically derived from petroleum or synthetic chemicals, while biosurfactants are derived from biological organisms. The specific molecular structures differ, however functionally they play the same role.

Are there microbes in your final product?

No, there are no microbes (bacteria) in our final products - our surfactants are extracted from bacterial cultures without the living organisms themselves. This is in contrast to other approaches that use live microbes to break down oil (e.g. using living microbes to “eat” oil in oil spills).

Why are you called ‘Dispersa’?

Dispersa is derived from the word dispersant, which a major function of surfactants. Our core technology was originally inspired by finding non-toxic alternatives to dispersants used in oil-spill remediation, and our name pays homage to that history!

If you are interested in exploring how our technology can make your products greener, contact us

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