Catching up with the new Dispersa recruits

Dispersa Team May 4, 2021

We touched base with our new recruits after being part of the Dispersa team for a few months; take a look what they had to say about their experiences so far and their goals moving forward.

“Having been a part of Dispersa for almost 5 months is truly inspiring. Working for an organization that values autonomy, insight, and creativity can never be undermined. Although I do not have a scientific background, the team at Dispersa was more than happy to teach me about biosurfactants and their role, primarily in the personal care and cleaning industry. Moving forward, my mission is to not only learn more about the biosurfactants and their role in various applications, but market Dispersa as a true contributor in the biotechnology industry.”

Anthony Gentile, Administrative & Communications Assistant

“I have been working for Dispersa for almost 9 months and it has been an incredible experience so far. As a young intern in my last year of undergraduate studies, it was my first time applying my theoretical knowledge in order to solve more practical and real life scientific challenges. Of course I wasn’t perfect at first, but the team at Dispersa was always there to help me understand and be better at what I do for the company. If there’s one thing that I embraced throughout these 9 months, it is definitely growth and I am more than grateful to Dispersa to give me this opportunity.”

Mathusan Sureshkumar, Research Assistant Intern

“Joining Dispersa has been quite an experience. I’ve been exposed to a world of brilliant minds solving some of the biggest issues that we face today. Working for an organization that has such a clear vision makes it incredibly rewarding to contribute towards those goals. Going forward, my main goal is to help position Dispersa as a leader in the biosurfactant industry.”

Shay Prajapat, Financial Manager